LED Injection Module IP65, 4SMD, 1.44W 12VDC, RGB COLOR – Bag Of 50 Pcs


Product Description

Introduction :-

Injection Module Adopts ABS Material As Its Shell. There Is Transparent Epoxy Resin Around The Lights With Good Insulativity. Comprehensive Performance Is Good With Excellent Electrical Performance, Impact Strength And Wear Resistance, Chemical Resistance, Moisturecontent , Shaping And Excellent Machining Technology.
It Is Completed Through Injection In One Time. It Solves The Problem That Nonuniform Sealing, Dirty Shell And LED Stand Out Of The Glue Etc. It Is Simple Artwork With Good Appearance And Short Lead Time As Well.
It Has Good Cold Resistant Available For -20~40?. There Are 3M Adhesive Tape And Screws For Customers To Fix It In Easy Installation.


It Is Widely Used For Emitting Letters, Advertisement, Indoor Decoration ,partial Lighting, Etc

Specification :-

(1) LED Quantity: 4PCS

(2) Input Voltage: DC 12V

(3) Input Current: 1.1197A

(4) Input Power: 1.44W

(5) Power Factor: >0.9

(6) Power Efficiency: >90%

(7)Radiation Range: ± 1m

(8) Light Flux: 58.67

(9) Optical Efficiency: >80%

(10) Color: 6000 ± 500K

(11) CRI: Ra > 80

(12) Work Environment: Ambient Temperature -20 To 40 Degrees

(13) Storage Temperature: In The Non-operating Stage, Storage Temperature -20 To 60 Degrees

(14) Life: > 30000Hrs

(15) Material: ABS And Epoxy

(16) Dimensions: 58.8 * 33.2 * 5.9MM

(17) NW: 12g

(18) Protection Class: IP65

(19) Quantity: 1/20


Led bulb Life Rating is based on 70% Lumen Maintenance

Bulb Shape : LED-Candelabra- E12

Color : White

Lamp Type : LED-Candelabra

Rated Life : 25,000hr0073


Maximum Overall Length (MOL) : 35.5mm

Bulb Diameter (DIA) : 105mm


Beam spread: 200°

Center Beam Candlepower (CBCP) : 45

Color Rendering Index (CRI) : 80

Color Temperature : 5000K

Initial Lumens : 270lm


Voltage : 120VAC

Wattage : 4.5W

Power Factor :


Description : Dimmable Candle light 4.5W LED Lamp

Dim function : Dimmable?


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