LED Wall Washer IP65, 24W Working Voltage 100-240V PureWhite 6000K


Product Description


This Spotlights Built-high Power LED, With Novel Appearance, Low Power Consumption, Long Life, Impact Resistance, High Reliability, Energy Saving, Light Color And Soft, High Brightness Characteristics; Pure Color, Long Life, LED Average Life Expectancy Of 5 Million Hours, A Unique Split Design Ensures Good Heat Dissipation.

RGB Spotlights: Emitting Angle 50 °, The Built-in 13 Kinds Of Effects, External Console, Controllers And Other Control Options To Achieve The Overall Change In Control Or Section; Red, Green, Blue, Jump Change, Gradual Change, Blinking Fourteen Kinds Of Effects, With Digital Display Window And Control Buttons, To Facilitate Customers To Adjust Stand-alone Mode.


Protection Class IP65, Operating Ambient Temperature – 20 ? ~ 45 ?, Can Adapt To A Variety Of Indoor And Outdoor Temperature, Humidity Difference, Can Be Widely Used In The Building, Interior Decoration, Cultural Plazas, Parks, Recreation And Other Places.

Specification(24 LIGHT COLOR) :-

(1) Rated Operation Voltage: AC 100-240V

(2) Watt Maximum Power: 29

(3) Flux(LM): 1325

(4) Conventional Lens: 30 ° Gloss

(5) Light Source: Monochrome Single 1W LED

(6) Standard Exposed Wire: Power Cord 1m

(7) Connection Ports: Power Supply: Three Core Rubber Bare 3X 1.0mm 2

(8) Net Weight: 4.4KG

(9) Dust And Waterproff Rating: IP65


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